Senior lecturer in Behavioural Economics at Middlesex University, London, UK. Experimental economist. Studied economics and psychology at the universities of Amsterdam and Exeter. Did my PhD at the Center for Experimental Economics and Political Decision Making (CREED) at the University of Amsterdam. Worked previously as post-doc at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK and at the University of Osnabrück, Germany. Interested in studying cooperative (and non-cooperative) behaviour, group decision-making and leadership.


- Trust and Trustworthiness After Negative Random Shocks (2021) with Hernán Bejarana & Ismael Rodriguez Lara, Journal of Economic Psychology (working paper version, data)
- Is Voting for a Cartel a Sign of Cooperativeness? (2021), Games (pdf, data)
- Do Negative Random Shocks Affect Trust and Trustworthiness? (2018) with Hernán Bejarano & Ismael Rodriguez Lara, Southern Economic Journal (pdf)
- Leadership By Example in the Weak Link Game (2013) with Edward Cartwright & Mark van Vugt, Economic Inquiry (pdf)
- Selfish or Servant Leadership? Evolutionary Predictions on Leadership Personalities in Coordination Games (2011) with Edward Cartwright & Mark van Vugt, Personality and Individual Differences (pdf)
- Cartel Formation and Pricing: the Effect of Managerial Decision-making Rules (2010) with Arthur Schram & Joep Sonnemans, International Journal of Industrial Organization (pdf)
- The Tragedy of the Commons Revisited: The Importance of Group Decision-Making (2009) with Arthur Schram & Joep Sonnemans, Journal of Public Economics (pdf)

working papers
- When the rich do (not) trust the (newly) rich: Experimental evidence on the effects of positive random shocks in the trust game (2020) with Hernán Bejarana & Ismael Rodriguez Lara (data)
- Endogenous Leadership in a Coordination Game with Conflict of Interest and Asymmetric Information (2010) with Edward Cartwright & Mark van Vugt

in Dutch (and non-academic)
- De Heggenschaar van de Buurman (2015) We Are Public

phd thesis
- Groups in Economics

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Middlesex University
Business School
The Burroughs
NW4 4BT London
United Kingdom

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